Project Thursday { Celebrate Pillow Box }

Hi friends! It’s our last Project Thursday with Diana.^_^ Make sure to visit her blog to see more fun project ideas. Thanks again Diana!

Yay! It’s the end of the month, you’re probably wondering if what’s next. I’ll share it with you very soon. I can’t wait!^_^

Check out this cute pillow box that Diana made for us. It’s perfect for treats and gifts! Father’s day is coming up, just a perfect time to make one.

Celebrate is stamped using the Birthday Stamp Set, along with the fussy cut present.

I love the versatility of this set, perfect for any occasion.

Simply adorable!^_^

We had a great time sharing  project ideas with all of you, I hope you enjoyed it too!^_^

Thank you for again for joining us, and until our next project inspiration!

♥ Dyane

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Create It Wednesday { Enjoy Card }

Hello everyone!^_^ I hope you’re having a wonderful morning so far. Andrea is back with another cute and perfect everyday card. Yay! we have our last project tomorrow. Remember, you may visit our gallery to see all of the projects that we showcased here. Tons of card inspiration for you!^_^

Check this out! This card is sooo adorable.^_^

Enjoy is stamped using the Calendar Stamp Set. Today is stamped using the Love Stamp Set.

All numbers are stamped using the Calendar Stamp Set.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project!^_^

Have a great day!

♥ Dyane

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Design It Monday { Surprise Party Card }

Happy Monday everyone!^_^ Wow! can you believe that this is our last week of May? That was fast! But, our creativity will continue, so join us this week for another project inspiration and ideas!^_^

Let me start by saying, how I loove this card, not because I made it, but because it’s different than what I usually make.^_^ {hee} Don’t you think?^_^

It’s my first time incorporating thread. Yes! thread for sewing. Do I love it? Yes! It gives an extra touch and a little artsy project. Kinda’ weird but cute!^_^

Stamped using the Birthday Stamp Set.

This cupcake is the cutest thing ever!^_^ It’s simple and fun to fussy cut.^_^

I hope you’ll try this out! ^_^


♥ Dyane

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Saturday Creations { Wishes Card }

Hello stampers! It’s another bitter sweet day, since this is our last project from Kathy as a guest designer. But, check her out in her blog, she have tons of projects that will surely inspire you. Thank you Kathy for sharing your talent with us!^_^

Check this out! Isn’t this card sooo adorable? ^_^ Loove it!

Stamped using the Birthday Stamp Set.

Great idea to use the glassine bag!^_^ Perfect for your tag!

How cute is that heart?^_^ Stamped using the Calendar Stamp Set.

Simply adorable!

Thank you so much for joining us this whole week of fun and ideas!^_^

Check us again next week for more project inspiration.

Have a fun weekend!

♥ Dyane

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Inspire Me Friday { Happy Birthday Card }

Hello friends! It’s a bitter sweet day, because today is the last Inspire Me Friday with Jennifer as a guest designer.  She shared tons of adorable projects with us since April. Make sure to visit her blog, to see more project ideas that I’m sure you’re going to love. Thank you Jennifer!^_^

Having said that, she made a really cute card for us today.^_^

Stamped using the Calendar Stamp Set, and Birthday Stamp Set.

I loove this chart, just a perfect element on your card!^_^

Join us again tomorrow for another fun project!^_^

Have a wonderful day!

♥ Dyane

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Project Thursday { Door Knob Hanger – Happy Birthday }

Hi everyone! What a fun project that Diana made for us today.^_^ She made a really cute door knob hanger for her son’s birthday. Simply adorable!^-^

Stamped using the Calendar Stamp Set and Birthday Stamp Set.

I looove the stamped balloon over the calendar chart. And how cute is that fussy cut present? Totally!^_^

I also love the mixed colors of the “Happy Birthday” sentiment!^_^

Sooo many ideas, and sooo much fun to make!^_^

Make sure to check our gallery to see more project inspiration!


♥ Dyane

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Create It Wednesday { You’re The Best Card }

Hello friends!^_^ I hope you’re having a happy morning!^_^ Andrea is back with a really lovely card. Check it out! Oh how cute!^_^ I have so many things to share with you in a couple weeks, so stay tune!^_^

“You’re The Best”  is stamped using the adorable Love Stamp Set.

How cute are those baby hearts?^_^ They are stamped using the Calendar Stamp Set, as well as the “Enjoy” sentiment. The blue heart is  also from the Love Stamp Set.

All of our stamps works perfectly with each other.^_^

I hope you enjoyed today’s projects.  Treat yourself  with some crafty time and create some cute projects!^_^


♥ Dyane

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Design It Monday : Scrapbooking Layout { Yum! – Snack Time }

Hi Friends! I hope you had a fun weekend!^_^ The creativity will continue this week, have fun browsing, create with us and enjoy!^_^

Today, I created a simple layout, I call it simple because it’s all about kraft and neutral colors. And you know how I love kraft, yeah? Yup!^_^

And what is one of the most important thing to document a photo? Date!^_^

I used the Calendar Stamp Set to add my date, isn’t it so cool?^_^ I stamped the month and year on another kraft paper, added dimensional, and that’s why it has a 3D look! Love it!^_^

I had a great time making my own rosette flowers too! I just used my scoring board to score it and fold it myself, it’s pretty easy. I know you can do it too!^_^

So what are you waiting for? Start creating and show some kraft love!^_^

Have a fun day!

♥ Dyane

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Saturday Creations { Christmas Card }

Hi stampers! It’s Saturday Creations with Kathy!^_^ I know, you’re probably surprise that we have a Christmas card in the middle of the year. Do you make one this time of year too?^_^ I have my own story with Christmas cards, but first, let me say that I’m so glad that Kathy got a chance to make a Christmas card for us. I really love it! And I love Christmas!^-^

Now here’s my story about Christmas cards. At this time last year, I made tons of Christmas cards already, around 20 {eek!} , so that I can lists them in my Etsy shop. Every listing will last for 4 months, so right now, there’s already tons of Christmas cards popping out! You’ll see more around.^_^

The chart and the date from the Calendar Stamp Set is a perfect fit for this card!

“Celebrate” is stamped using the  Birthday Stamp Set. And those two are just a perfect match!


Now it’s time for you to grab those Christmas card supplies and start creating!


♥ Dyane

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Inspire Me Friday { Wishes Card }

Hello! Woohoo! Friday is here, and it’s Inspire Me Friday with Jennifer!^_^

I’m working on a project for next week, and I can’t wait to share it with you. As you may know, I post my projects every Monday, and if I have free time I always do try to make a video tutorial. Things are pretty busy around here, so I never got a chance yet. However,  I’m really thinking for a perfect name for Monday projects,  what do you think about “Make It Monday” ? Does that sound ok? {heehee}

Hmm… I need to think for a perfect name. But if you have any suggestions that would be awesome! Let me know!^_^

Jennifer made a clean and simple card for us today. So sweet!

Stamped using the Birthday Stamp Set.

Sooo cute!^_^

Have a nice day!

♥ Dyane

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