Project Thursday {just a note}

Hello there! Did ya miss me last week? 😉

Today I’m here with a card using the Calender stamp set, as well as a little spur of the moment video on the design process behind it. I thought you might like to see my thought process (or lack thereof ;)) when making my cards.

And the video…


So a few extra shots of the things I added on afterwards, as well as why I added them…

Here I changed the twine because I wanted a little more color and I felt the jute kinda blended in with the butterfly. I also changed the gem colors and sizes to match with the patterned paper a little better.

You might also see the faint watermark image of the calender on the tag – a little extra something that makes me feel a bit better about a card. 🙂


I also distressed the edges of the paper a bit with the back of my scissors (so I wouldn’t cut myself or dull my scissor blades), and then added a paperclip…mostly because I think they’re so darn cute. 😉


That’s it for me today! I hope you enjoyed this little ‘behind the scenes’! Have a blessed one!



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