Chalkboard inspired {Saturday Creations}

Hi friends,

Are you lovin’ the chalkboard trend in decorating?  I think this is the one time in my life when I was trendy without knowing it: we installed a full chalkboard wall in our kitchen about 5 years ago, and it’s the perfect backdrop to any party 🙂  But, since we’re papercrafters, how about some different inspiration?

I’m thinking *this* may be our Christmas card this year… or maybe *this one*…. or *this one*… I can’t help it – I love them all!

My card today draws inspiration from both the subway art that is so popular, and these chalkboard designs:

Creating this card was as simple as loading up different sentiments from our Christmas stamp set, and stamping them in white ink onto a strip of black cardstock.  I added some white snowflakes to the white card-base, and separated the white and black with a dainty red scallop cardstock trim.  For a fun accent, I created a snowman by stringing up 3 different sizes of white buttons, and tying a little scarf of black & white gingham ribbon around his neck.

I hope you like what I’ve created!  Until next time…

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  1. Elena, girl… You never cease to amaze me… This is brilliant!!!! The chalkboard background I must try and slapping myself across the face! I never thought to make a snowman out of buttons. BRILlIANT GIRL!

  2. I love your card! Stamping with white on the black cardstock is just prefect. Have to say I like your first name too. My middle name is Elana and I never knew anyone with that name, now I see it and other variations a lot.

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