New Product Alert!

Introducing our newest product! These buttons are exclusively hand dyed for Precious Remembrance Shop!♥


First- Class Mail and Priority Mail Shipping available for Domestic and International

Hi stampers! Yay! do you use buttons a lot in your projects? I do, and I just LOVE those little things. They are just too cute!♥

What’s special about these buttons? They are hand dyed, each piece has it’s own shade, simply unique!

Let’s take a closer look on our first 4 colors, shall we?♥

Baby Blue

Simply Butter

Light Mint

Soft Pink

Eeek! My heart is jumping with so much joy!♥ I hope you guys love it too as much as I do.^_^

Any favorites so far?♥

I’m looking forward to add more colors and sizes soon. Can’t wait!

It is also available in a variety pack if you want it all mixed colors.

Thanks for stoppin’ by and keep on creating!

♥ Dyane

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