Design It Monday ~ {The Gathering}

Hi there friends! Can you believe it’s September already? The kiddos in our area have been back to school for a couple of weeks now. This limits their playtime in the evening, but believe me, they make the most of it. For the last couple of years they have gathered up all of the leaves from our front yards into wagons, child sized wheelbarrows even plastic bins! They hustle and bustle up and down the street raking and gathering. Then one of their yards is chosen for the dumping ground!! And well…of course you know what happens next ~ wink *

I made this card with our neighborhood little ones in mind. An embossed notebook page, stamped with grid lines using kraft ink and tiny golden yellow splatters. My trio of leaves was stamped, trimmed out and water colored. Dark speckles we added before they were gathered on my card using foam dots.

To be little again ~ jumping into a giant pile of leaves, tunneling through, making leaf angels. And the giggles…lots and lots of giggles!

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  1. Lisa, your post was like a trip down memory lane! Thanks for that…made me smile, remembering the days when my own kids frolicked in big piles of leaves. I loved those days! I LOVE your gorgeous card, too…what a gorgeous mix of colors, grid lines, splatters and leaves…wonderful!

  2. I really love how the leaves look here, Lisa! The whole card just really works with your stamping and distressing and the simple little sentiment! Really pretty!!! One of my faves from you!

  3. gorgeous card, lisa… the colors are so rich and warm! sounds like the kiddos in your neighborhood know how to have a good time when fall rolls around!!

  4. I agree with Everyone! This is one of my FAVS from you! Your leaves are FANTASTIC – so real looking! The BG and the spots are Amazing! Love this , Lisa!

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