Meet Our Guest Designer – Erica Thompson!

Welcome stampers! Yay! It’s about time again for our next release, and we can’t wait for you to see it!:) But before that, let me introduce to you ~one of  our guest designers who will be joining us. I’m pretty sure you know her, she’s the Co-Owner / Marketing Director of Clique Kits , if you remember last year, we did a fun collaboration with them &  some of you probably got our stamps in their shop too!:)

And now she’s here to inspire us more! Please welcome Erica Thompson.


Hello everyone! Erica here and I am so excited to be a guest for Precious Remembrance Stamps! A little about me… First I am a stay at home mamma! I have 5 babies ages 17, 14, 10, 7 and 4 and 2 fur babies! A sweet and loving Pitbull Lola and a wild and crazy boxer Izzy. Our home is never quiet, constant chaos and noise and I would not have it any other way! My schedule is always jam packed with appointments, sporting events and deadlines! I am a photographer, documenter and lover of pretty paper! I run a small photography business Erica Rose Photography and also Co Founder of Clique Kits! I love coffee, Netflix and dark chocolate! I have a love for unique and fun stamps and can not wait to share my projects with you this month!!

We have one more guest designer which you will meet very soon. 🙂

Stay tune for more upcoming release updates!

Happy Stamping!


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DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration / Banner + Video!

Welcome stampers! It’s great to be back again sharing another project idea for you – Valentine’s Day edition!:) You can pretty much make these banners in any theme, but since Valentines is just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to get inspired & create!:)

These are mini banners, I have quite a lot of scrap paper from my 6×6 paper pads, each banner measures approximately 2 “x 3”- cute!

(STAMP SETS: Love Coupon , Happy Art , Sweet Pea , This Moment , Thanks, School Days)

Now if you have some scraps – simply create some of these. I created a fish tail on each banner to add a little something since I didn’t add any embellishments except stamps.

I used 3 colors of inks – red, pink, & black. That will give us not only a Valentine inspired colors but it makes our banner look coordinated.

Most of the stamps that I used are not Valentine theme stamp set – always think outside the box –   versatile stamps is so much fun to work with, it goes a long way as far as creating different projects.

Lastly , I punched some holes to add my string. Now, you can easily add it to your Valentines decor, or how about to your Valentines gift bag? That’s pretty much what I would do!:)

So glad you stop by today!

Thanks again for joining & happy stamping!:)


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More Stamp Storage Inspiration!

Hi friends! Lisa here today to share my clear stamp storage method with you.

17 0117 001 copy

As you can see I use the same clear bin that DT member Judy uses! I also purchased mine from Bed Bath and Beyond. My dividers are made from inexpensive red plastic pocket folders from Office Max. I cut them a bit taller than the storage sleeves so the company names stand out. I used some of the smaller leftovers to make dividers for dies from another company I design for.

17 0117 004 copy

My stamp sets are stored in clear pockets. You can find a similar version in the Precious Remembrance Shop store (Stamp Storage)! You’ll notice I use a large clear framed label on my dividers and a smaller white label on my stamp sets. I place all of my stamp set labels on the far top right of the clear sleeve so the names are easy to see as I leaf through them.

17 0117 006 copy

I use the P-touch Brother Label Maker available at Amazon.

17 0117 007 copy

My PRS stamps are always in the front for easy accessibility!

Thanks for taking a peek.


My Paper Tales

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Clear Stamp Storage Tips

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!  It’s Judy here, and I’m stopping by to share how I store my clear stamps.

I don’t have anything crazy new to share, I’m guessing many of you store your stamps the same way.  However, I do have some tips that may be helpful.  I’m curious if anyone else does some of the things I do…let me know in the comments section!

Like Dyane shared in her previous post on stamp storage, I keep my clear stamps in clear envelopes like THESE.  I use my label maker to add the company name and stamp set name in the upper left corner of the envelope.

I store all of my clear stamp sets in a refrigerator drawer; I found mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond but you can find something similar at Amazon (like this one).  All of my clear stamps fit into one of these drawers.



Keep in mind that I have a limited crafting space.  I use a corner of my laundry room (where a former closet existed until my husband took it out).  Therefore, I limit the number of stamps I can have — of they don’t fit, I don’t get them.  This philosophy has worked well for me — I try to purge often and only keep what I really use and love.  Needless to say, I have saved plenty of room for all of my Precious Remembrance Shop stamp sets!


Since I am on the design team for PRS, I actually keep all of my PRS stamps in a cute little basket so they are always easy to reach and all together.


When I use stamps to paper-piece, I usually do several at a time and save the extras in the back of the envelope.  Do you ever do that?

For example, here are three favorite stamp sets on the front:


Here they are when I flip them over…see all the extra paper-pieced images? They are ready to use!


The other thing I do is save my post-it masks and store them on the back, like that little coffee cup image in the stamp set on the right (above).  Can you see it?  Its very helpful to have everything in one place when I start to make a card!


So, that’s my own little way of storing my clear stamps.  I’m curious to hear what tricks and tips you may have and if you use any of the tips I’ve shared regarding paper-pieced images and masks?

Thanks for stopping by!

JUDY_DT PRSJudy’s Card Corner

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Storage Idea : Organizing Clear Stamps!

Hello stampers! Welcome to our very first post for 2017! Yay!:) Holiday rush is finally over. I hope you had an amazing holiday, I sure did!:) It’s the beginning of the year, planning, & organizing is such a big inspiration for us. Well today, I will be sharing with you how I organize my clear stamps.

Finding a solution in organizing your clear stamps may take awhile, since you have to figure out what’s best for you. And after trying out so many ways in making it work for me, finally this is it & I’m happy to share it with you!:)

I found it so convenient to store them in a clear plastic – clear stamps storage which is also available in our shop. I added a pretty good weight white cardstock inside, which is easier for me to see not only the stamps but I can also add the name of the stamp set using my label maker.

Now the question is where will I put all of them after? Well, for awhile they’ve been just sitting on random boxes, I was browsing around looking for a perfect one. Just last year, I saw this basket at Target $1 spot – I believe I got it for $3 (if not $5).:) First, I’m not gonna lie – because it’s cute (lol) , second the color matches my craft room, third, lovin’ the label part, where I used my vintage typewriter and typed Clear Stamps.

At first I was worried that it won’t stand properly because of the wire base. To my surprise, It holds my Precious Remembrance Stamps perfectly, and as you can see there’s a lot of room to add more.:) Just what I needed!

In case you’re interested on the same storage, I saw it in Target recently, they are still carrying it. Valentines is coming, they have a lot of pinks & red if  it’s your cup of tea!:)

Thank you so much for joining me today.

Stay tune because designer Judy will be back with more clear stamp storage idea.

Happy stamping!:)


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