Saturday Creations { Christmas Card }

Hi stampers! It’s Saturday Creations with Kathy!^_^ I know, you’re probably surprise that we have a Christmas card in the middle of the year. Do you make one this time of year too?^_^ I have my own story with Christmas cards, but first, let me say that I’m so glad that Kathy got a chance to make a Christmas card for us. I really love it! And I love Christmas!^-^

Now here’s my story about Christmas cards. At this time last year, I made tons of Christmas cards already, around 20 {eek!} , so that I can lists them in my Etsy shop. Every listing will last for 4 months, so right now, there’s already tons of Christmas cards popping out! You’ll see more around.^_^

The chart and the date from the Calendar Stamp Set is a perfect fit for this card!

“Celebrate” is stamped using the  Birthday Stamp Set. And those two are just a perfect match!


Now it’s time for you to grab those Christmas card supplies and start creating!


♥ Dyane

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Inspire Me Friday { Wishes Card }

Hello! Woohoo! Friday is here, and it’s Inspire Me Friday with Jennifer!^_^

I’m working on a project for next week, and I can’t wait to share it with you. As you may know, I post my projects every Monday, and if I have free time I always do try to make a video tutorial. Things are pretty busy around here, so I never got a chance yet. However,  I’m really thinking for a perfect name for Monday projects,  what do you think about “Make It Monday” ? Does that sound ok? {heehee}

Hmm… I need to think for a perfect name. But if you have any suggestions that would be awesome! Let me know!^_^

Jennifer made a clean and simple card for us today. So sweet!

Stamped using the Birthday Stamp Set.

Sooo cute!^_^

Have a nice day!

♥ Dyane

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Project Thursday { Birthday Card }

Hi! It’s Project Thursday with Diana!^_^ We have another birthday card for you today, we can never get enough of it! Birthday cards is one of the most popular cards to make for cardmakers. I have tons of birthday cards, and it’s great to have them in stock because I can just grab them whenever I need it.^_^

Stamped using the Birthday Stamp Set.

It’s so cheerful and just a happy card!^_^

Start creating some fun birthday cards! And happy crafting!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Happy Birthday Card + Treat Bag / Envelope

Hello friends! Happy Monday!^_^ I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It’s another great week full of project inspirations. And to start of our week, I have a few project share today.^_^

Alright, do you guys remember my journaling cards post from last week? Well, I decided to use those journaling cards for my projects today. I know I have tons of ideas on how to incorporate it on your projects, aside from using it as a regular journaling cards/tags, so why not share it?^_^ Here we go!

I really REALLY l♥ve how this card turned out! As you can see, I just added different kinds of embellishments on the tag , it looks complicated but it’s pretty simple.  All stamped from the Calendar Stamp Set and Birthday Stamp Set.

There’s more journaling cards left so I decided to make another treat bag! How cute right?^_^ But….. this bag has a double purpose…..

Aren’t those two just a perfect match?! Cute!^_^

Well… why not use it as an envelope for your card? And there’s more room for some gift cards inside if you want to!^_^

And yes, you need to put it in another packaging envelope when you mail it, BUT, what a great surprise when they open it! It’s so unique and creative!^_^

It’s the thought that counts!^_^

I hope these projects will inspire you to create something outside the box.  And happy crafting!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Saturday Creations { Birthday Girl Card }

It’s Saturday Creations with Kathy!^_^ Hi friends! weekend is finally here, and we have a really sweet artsy card from Kathy today. ^_^ I love the painted pastel colors, it’s a perfect touch for a one layer card. Simply adorable!

Stamped using the Birthday Stamp Set.

How cute are those balloon and heart? Super!^_^

I hope you enjoyed our fun projects for this week!^_^ Check us again next week for another week of project inspirations.

To my fellow Moms out there!^_^ Happy Mother’s Day To You! Have fun and let’s enjoy our special day! yeah!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Inspire Me Friday { Birthday Boy Card }

Hello! It’s a fun Inspire Me Friday with Jennifer!^_^ I’m sooo excited to show you today’s card because Jennifer made it sooo adorable! First, for those of you who struggle to make boy’s card, including myself. Well, worry no more! Here’s the card that will solve the problem.^_^

Another thing is that the sentiments from the Birthday Stamp Set is stamped on a piece of self-adhesive fabric! Cool!^_^ Love that idea! And adorable balloons as well!^_^

The texture is perfect!

Now let’s start creating and try it!^_^

Have a beautiful day!

♥ Dyane

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Project Thursday { Birthday Girl Card }

Hello friends! It’s Project Thursday with Diana!^_^ Today is a lovely day, the sun is out shining so bright.  And it feels like a brand new day to create fun projects! Do you have any crafty plans today? Well, I finally finished one of the custom hanging frame that I made and it will be pick up today.  I guess my crafty plan for today is to finish the other hanging frame that is also due in couple weeks from now.^_^ Excited!

We have a really sweet card from Diana. I love the simplicity of this card, and the colors are just so perfect!

“Birthday Girl” is stamped using the fun Birthday Stamp Set.

Come back and check us again tomorrow for another fun project!^_^

Have a beautiful day!

♥ Dyane

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Create It Wednesday { May Your Wishes Come True Card }

Hello stampers! Welcome back to another Create It Wednesday with Andrea!^_^ We have a really cute set of card and embellishments from Andrea today. Check it out!^_^

She used the fun Birthday Stamp Set for the sentiment. And those cute lovely stamped hearts is from the Calendar Stamp Set.

What a lovely flower!^_^ Do you recognize that “Forever” sentiment? That’s from our Love Stamp Set.

I love love these cute embellishments. Amazing work Andrea!^_^ I love the painted corrugated hearts and the way the fabric tape is hanging on the side.Sooo cute!^_^

I hope you enjoyed today’s project. As always, happy crafting!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Journaling Cards/Tags For: { Greeting Cards, Mini Albums, Gift Bags, and Etc.}

Happy Monday friends!^_^ I hope you had a wonderful National Scrapbooking Day last weekend. And I’m so glad that you’re here today because I’ll be sharing a few projects for you!^_^ Although we won’t be having a video tutorial this week, I have some simple and fun projects here, that’s picture loaded {lol}, which I hope you don’t mind! {heehee}

So let’s start with the materials that I used here. Aside from having a paper of your choice, we need different colored inkpads, distress ink, distressing tool, and clear stamps.

I used the Birthday Stamp Set and the Calendar Stamp Set. These stamps are not only good for cards and layouts, it is also perfect for journaling tags, and you will know what I mean if you’ll check out more photos below.^_^

I stamped it on a kraft cardstock using different kinds of inks. Cute right?^_^ Love it! Yes, it can be a journaling cards , tags, everything you can imagine! The creativity is endless here.  I also want to share some tips and tricks! Can you see that stamped word “NOTE” on the second tag? that’s from the stamp “just a NOTE.” I only added ink on the “NOTE” for a change, cool right? yeah! {hee} And how awesome are those journaling lines? They’re all from the Calendar Stamp Set.

To use it as a tag, you can easily punch a hole on the side and add your favorite twine.

Or if you just want to use it as a journaling card. Stick it directly on your mini album pages or use it as an inserts!^_^

How about adding it on a gift bag? And surprise your friends and family with some sweet treats?^_^

And of course, talking about quick and easy card. Here’s a really fun one to make!^_^ And how sweet would it be if you’ll write your own sentiments on it!^_^ I wrote mine using a regular pen and done!^_^ Totally loving it!

There’s more fun projects you can do with these stamp sets, just think outside the box and have fun creating!^_^

Enjoy your day!

♥ Dyane

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Cardmaking Tutorial : Birthday Boy Card

Hello stampers! Welcome back to cardmaking tutorial Monday!^_^ I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Monday is here again, and I’m sure it will keep us busy right? yeah!^_^ Well, to start of our week, I made a really simple card today, I thought I’ll try bringing all shades of brown on a card. This would be perfect on a safari theme birthday party, what do you think?{hee} It would be so fun to try other colors too, depending on the birthday theme.^_^

I used the Birthday Stamp Set to make this card. And if you want to see how I put this all together, keep scrolling down!^_^ I got a video tutorial for all of you.^_^

Enjoy your day!

♥ Dyane

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