Inspire Me Friday { Encouragement Card }

Hello! It’s Inspire Me Friday with Jennifer!^_^ Do you guys remember when you were still in school? Back on those days where there’s a lot of deadlines for your assignments? Oh wow! I can totallllllyyyy remember those hectic days.^_^ College life was my busiest school years, there were days that I just don’t want to do anything, so tired, no sleep, every subjects had projects to finish! But you know what? all those moments, were pretty sweet!^_^ It was soooo worth it! Can I say I loovveee school? Yes I do!^_^ Seeing happy faces during graduation day was priceless! Specially when your parents are there watching you so proudly!^_^

This card that Jennifer made for us really reminded me of school.^_^ Don’t you think? How sweet right?^_^ Yeah!^_^  Student life is pretty challenging sometimes… if you know someone who’s in school, this is a perfect card for them. Send them some encouragement card, letting them know that school life has always some challenging moments…like too much pressure with your exams, friends, subjects, and there’s a lot more. But, always remember to take one step at a time, to enjoy life…to cherish every moment…. and never give up! At the end, everything will be alright and fulfilling!^_^

In any situation, if you want to create your own encouragement card, the stamps used here are from our Calendar Stamp Set. Visit our gallery to see more projects using this set, there’s so much you can do with it if you’ll think outside the box.^_^

Visit us again tomorrow for our last card inspiration for this week! Have a great day!^_^

♥ Dyane

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