Saturday Creations { Christmas Card }

Hi stampers! It’s Saturday Creations with Kathy!^_^ I know, you’re probably surprise that we have a Christmas card in the middle of the year. Do you make one this time of year too?^_^ I have my own story with Christmas cards, but first, let me say that I’m so glad that Kathy got a chance to make a Christmas card for us. I really love it! And I love Christmas!^-^

Now here’s my story about Christmas cards. At this time last year, I made tons of Christmas cards already, around 20 {eek!} , so that I can lists them in my Etsy shop. Every listing will last for 4 months, so right now, there’s already tons of Christmas cards popping out! You’ll see more around.^_^

The chart and the date from the Calendar Stamp Set is a perfect fit for this card!

“Celebrate” is stamped using the  Birthday Stamp Set. And those two are just a perfect match!


Now it’s time for you to grab those Christmas card supplies and start creating!


♥ Dyane

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  1. I’ve been making a ton of Christmas cards lately to submit for publishing…the mags work way ahead of schedule. It’s probably all these holiday projects I’m doing that got me to thinking of showing off the Calendar Stamps set for holidays…like Christmas! 🙂

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