Project Thursday {Pretty Packaging}

You know, when I first started crafting, I’ll admit I thought the whole ‘dressing up present/packaging’ thing was a little dumb. I mean, why waste your time dressing up a package that the recipient is just going to rip through?

Since then, I’ve changed my mind. For one reason, I like to dress up things – it’s just so darn fun! Secondly, the recipients usually save the packaging and really treasure it!

So here’s a present for my sister (who’s birthday is coming up soon), all dolled and prettied up using the Calender stamp set.

Her birth date…

I went with a lot of pink because it’s her favorite color, even though I know the style of the packaging (shabby) isn’t her favorite. Hey, I did say one reason I dress packaging up now I because I like it. 😉

Open the package up and you get a cute little owl whose wings spread open to reveal a little clock on his tummy!

Well, that’s it for me today! I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping in!


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