with glittering eyes {saturday creations}

Normally when I make a card, I search my stash for the perfect stamps, and work from there.

I saw this print on pinterest, and really wanted to re-create it.  Chalkboard, fantastic quote, and a little out there.  I like it all.

I had the perfect glasses image, but the thought of building the sentiment with tiny alpha stamps was depressing.  So, I hand-wrote it, for a completely quirky (and I think charming) take on the print:

Not everyone is going to like this card.  My hubs gave it a “meh.”  But I give myself a thumbs up for stepping outside my comfort zone and creating a card using a grand total of 2 stamps.

What do you think?  Would you boldly put your own handwriting on a card?


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  1. I’ve not been brave enough to put my handwriting on a card. Sometimes I mess up a letter when writing and then have to “try” to correct or cover it up. Nope, that won’t work for me. But your handwriting looks great! Love this card Elena!

  2. I love your card and your handwriting is perfect! In occasions I used my handwriting too, when I wanted to personalized the sentiment. TFS

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