A star is born and a goodbye {saturday creations}

Hi friends!

Let’s get the goodbye part out of the way, shall we?  I have had the honor, over the past year, of working with Dyane of Precious Remembrance.  It has been a pleasure to have been there with her from the beginning – for both of us!  PR was my first design team, and you never forget your first 😉  I cannot wait to see who takes over {Saturday Creations} and what amazing stuff she (or he) will create!

 And now, for my final PR card:


A star is born.  in there.

Do you ever crane your neck to check out a baby rolling by?  I often do.  And if they are less than a few months old, they automatically get a little coo.  It just happens.

You may notice (and if you aren’t noticing, I’m pointing it out) that the pram is closed on both side.  Look at my card, and then at this image of the stamp set to compare.


 See?  A little selective inking allowed me to close up the sides.  The yucky parts got covered by the pretty patterned paper.  That’s how I roll… everything looks pretty on the outside, just don’t go poking around too much or you’ll find my messy secrets (my friends are giggling right now, because my house is like that too – so neat and tidy until you open a closet… ha.)


I used the little knitted background strip to build a soft pattern all over my circle, and then curved the sentiment to fit around its curve.  (The arrow image is from a Mama Elephant set.  I stamped that once everything was adhered to my card, and held my breath until I pulled up and made sure everything was stamped ok.)

I hope you like my card!  Have a great weekend!


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  1. I’ll miss seeing your creations here every week, fortunately I’ll be seeing you in other DTs (yay!), you are such an inspiration!

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