Tuesday Ideas: A Super Simple Valentine

Hello everyone!  It sure feels like it’s been a while since I last posted here, but with the holidays and the beginning of a new year, time flies!

I wanted to share a very clean & simple valentine card with you today to get you started thinking about your valentine projects (if you haven’t already)!  This card was created with my hubby in mind.  We all know our men prefer simplicity and not a lot of extra fluff with most things in life.  I think this card might just fit the bill!  What do you think?

So many times, you can create an effective design using the simplest of elements!  I applied a touch of Crystal Effects to the heart and that little bit of shine added just the right amount of interest, eliminating the need to add a lot of embellishments!  It’s the little things with clean & simple design!  I used the new Love Coupon set to create this card.

I hope your February is starting out smoothly!  January always seems to be a catch up kind of month for me, but with February’s arrival, I finally begin to feel like things are slowing down and easing back to something more like normal!  Be sure and check out the newest releases (Love Coupon & This Moment) in the shop if you haven’t already!  They are perfect for both Valentine’s Day and scrapbooking projects you may have going!

Until next time, happy stamping!

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  1. I love how your designers aren’t afraid to go very C&S! Super cute, and it would take one stamp! Which is what I am going for lately when I mail things.

  2. OOO, iLike! I did mine with some digital stamps this year! And so my stamping Valentine stash never got touched except for some fun new Washi tape I put on the outside of the envelopes…oh, and a new sentiment stamped inside each one. Ah, February…January is the last of the slow months for me. February is when I really start to cram to get as many winter projects done as I can…March brings on birthdays and the beginnings of outdoor life!

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