Saturday Creations ~ {totally Smitten}

How about a mixed media piece using our new Precious Remembrance Totally Stamp Set?


I liked stamping the brush strokes to kinda “frame” the canvas that I inserted into the wooden frame that was painted turquoise.  I even stamped the geometric patterns on the wooden frame and added some molding paste through a stencil!  And then came the dark blue splats!  How FUN is that???!!!


I LOVE combining Precious Remembrance stamp sets and for this creation I used stamps from three different PR stamp sets – PR Totally Stamp Set using three of the stamps, the PR Happy Art Stamp Set for the hearts, and the Sweet Pea Stamp Set (designed by Lisa Elton) for the word Smitten.

This was so much FUN and totally different than the idea I started out with!  Sometimes you just have to go with the creative flow!


PR Totally Mixed Media

Here’s the new FAB Totally Stamp Set!

I hope you like my Mixed Media piece!

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  1. I totally enjoyed your mixed media masterpiece! WOW! The colors, the textures, the richness…so many delightful elements in this beautiful work of art! You always leave me wondering, “How does she DO that?” Wow, wow!

  2. Holy smokes Sue, this is a work of art!! Love all of the bits and bobs you added to the variety of stamped images. Also love smitten and totally together, I’ll be borrowing that idea LOL!! Beautifully done!!

  3. Sue, I’m blown away by your mixed media piece! You’ve totally transformed your embellishments and used the stamps to frame everything beautifully! Very nice 🙂

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