Scrapbooking Layout : Birthday Girl

Hello friends!^_^ I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I know, you’re probably surprise that there’s no cardmaking tutorial today. Well, I never got a chance to film last week, I had a busy week with family. But I mentioned last week that I was able to scrap a little bit than usual because it was raining and peaceful, although it was gloomy, I was just lovin’ the ambiance. Here’s what I made! hooray for me! ^_^ I finally finished one layout, and I’m so happy the way this one turned out!^_^

I stamped the sentiment using the Birthday Stamp Set. The chart that’s peepin’ and the lines from my journaling are from the Calendar Stamp Set.

And the cute date and chart are from the Calendar Stamp Set as well. And the fussy cut cupcake is from the Birthday Stamp Set.

It’s so easy to incorporate these stamps on a layout! It’s so fun and versatile. ^_^

I hope this will inspire you to create something fun today!  Happy crafting!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Saturday Creations {Layout and Celebrate Card}

Hello! Welcome back to another Saturday Creations!^_^ We have 2 projects to show you today. First, I’m so excited to share what Kathy made for us.^_^ Have you guys finished making your kid’s easter layout for this year? I’m always behind, so guess what? I haven’t.{lol} This layout is so fun and happy!^_^ I hope this will inspire you to make a layout for those of you who have little boys as well, sometimes it’s challenging to choose the colors and embellishments.^_^ But in this creation, you’ll see how to incorporate things easily.^_^

All of the fun versatile stamp sentiments  are from the Birthday Stamp Set and the Calendar Stamp set. The chart with date on it is from the calendar stamp set as well.

Our second project is from Bona, she will be sharing 2 projects for us this April.  Here’s the card the she made for us today, using the Birthday Stamp Set. How cute right?^_^ I love the layered cupcakes! Yum!^_^

Here’s the inside of the card. So precious.^_^

It’s so fun to be creative! There’s so much you can do with those stamps. If you have any of our stamps.^_^ Share your project with us in our facebook page and inspire everyone!^_^

Have a great weekend!

♥ Dyane


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Inspire Me Friday { Just A Note Card }

Hello! It’s Inspire Me Friday with Jennifer!^_^ Ok, let me ask you, what’s your crafting style? Do you guys like to make shabby chic projects? or you’re more on a clean and simple look? or just anything fun and bright!^_^ It’s so funny if you’ll ask me {lol}, I always try to make my card so clean and simple {like totally}, because I just looovvveeee the way it looks! The problem is I can’t stop adding different kinds of embellishment on my cards, until it won’t look super simple anymore, that’s why I want to call it, simple chic!{lol}  I guess it depends, if I do make altered projects, I would say I’m more into shabby chic style. For cards and layouts, I always try different style, but I always make sure that there’s a touch of chic on it even if it’s simple or not.^_^ {hee}

So speaking of clean and simple, I love this card that Jennifer made for us today.^_^ The pureness of white and the coolness of blue meets up and it’s so refreshing!^_^ Isn’t it? Love it! Check out how she stamped the sentiment from the Calendar Stamp Set, it’s so unique how she added a shadow on the sentiment. We should all try to make this kind of stamping effect, to add  more interest on our cards.^_^ Very cool!

I hope this will inspire you to get more creative today. And happy crafting!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Create It Wednesday { Surprise Birthday Card }

Hi stampers! It’s another week for Create It Wednesday with Andrea!^_^ I hope you’re having a great morning and I’m glad that you’re here!^_^ Oh! by the way, don’t forget to drink your cup of coffee or hot chocolate. I have my coffee here and I’m so ready to start my day!^_^ I hope you guys are too!

So let’s get creative! Andrea made this adorable card for us today, she actually used both Calendar Stamp Set and Birthday Stamp Set.  If your quite familiar with the sets, do you recognize if which one is from the calendar set? {heehee} That’s right! It’s the numbers around the card, and also the cute heart banner.^_^  And of course, the sentiments are from the birthday set. And I love how Andrea made the “May your wishes come true.” into a different pattern, check out the stamp set and see it yourself, sooo creative!^_^

I hope  this will inspire you to create something fun today.^_^

I’ll catch you up tomorrow for another project! Have a beautiful day!

♥ Dyane

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Cardmaking Tutorial : Just A Note Card

Welcome back friends!^_^ It’s time for another Cardmaking Tutorial Monday with me {Dyane}!^_^ I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. I know, it feels like the weekend went so fast! But that’s ok, it’s another great week for us here to show you some awesome projects.^_^  Join me today, as I have another video ready for you, and you can easily rewind and forward it if you want to {hee}!^_^ Now grab all of the materials that you have laying around and let’s start creating!^_^

This card is a great everyday card. A cute and a special way to send a message to someone.^_^ I used the Calendar Stamp Set that we have available in the shop. It’s a great versatile set, love it!^_^

I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial. And have a lovely day!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Inspire Me Friday { Encouragement Card }

Hello! It’s Inspire Me Friday with Jennifer!^_^ Do you guys remember when you were still in school? Back on those days where there’s a lot of deadlines for your assignments? Oh wow! I can totallllllyyyy remember those hectic days.^_^ College life was my busiest school years, there were days that I just don’t want to do anything, so tired, no sleep, every subjects had projects to finish! But you know what? all those moments, were pretty sweet!^_^ It was soooo worth it! Can I say I loovveee school? Yes I do!^_^ Seeing happy faces during graduation day was priceless! Specially when your parents are there watching you so proudly!^_^

This card that Jennifer made for us really reminded me of school.^_^ Don’t you think? How sweet right?^_^ Yeah!^_^  Student life is pretty challenging sometimes… if you know someone who’s in school, this is a perfect card for them. Send them some encouragement card, letting them know that school life has always some challenging moments…like too much pressure with your exams, friends, subjects, and there’s a lot more. But, always remember to take one step at a time, to enjoy life…to cherish every moment…. and never give up! At the end, everything will be alright and fulfilling!^_^

In any situation, if you want to create your own encouragement card, the stamps used here are from our Calendar Stamp Set. Visit our gallery to see more projects using this set, there’s so much you can do with it if you’ll think outside the box.^_^

Visit us again tomorrow for our last card inspiration for this week! Have a great day!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Project Thursday { Invitation Card }

Good mownin’ guys!^_^ It’s Project Thursday with Diana! I hope you’re having a great morning so far.^_^  Ok, so I just need to talk about this card right away, because I think that this is soooo adorable and I can’t wait!^_^ Do you guys like to invite friends and family for a small get together or just a simple dinner?  Well, this is what the card reminds me about, a great invitation card!^_^

Isn’t it so cute to send a “Save A Date” card to your friends and family to join you for a fun weekend?! ^_^ Like, dinner party,  baking, cardmaking, scrapbooking, and the list goes on and on….^_^ How cute right? yeah!^_^  Oh love it!  It’s so easy to make an invitation card using our calendar stamp set, it’s so versatile, perfect for any paper crafting projects.^_^

If you haven’t gotten your own Calendar Stamp Set yet, it is one of the most popular in the shop.^_^ And right now is the perfect time to get it since all of the stamps are currently on a special sale.  Don’t miss it, you’re going to love it!^_^

Come back tomorrow for another card inspiration! Have a beautiful day!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Create It Wednesday { Birthday Card }

{If you missed the announcement in our facebook page, there’s a special alert! All stamp sets are currently on sale for 9.99!^_^ Grab yours now!^_^}

Welcome back to Create It Wednesday with Andrea! It’s another week for sharing you tons of project ideas using Precious Remembrance Shop’s Stamps. Looovvee it! And if you’re a new reader, and you’ve missed a lot of great projects, no worries! you can always check our gallery to see all of the projects that we showcased here.^_^

Check this out! Speaking of looovvee, look what Andrea made for us today! I’m so lovin’ this card. ^_^ Sentiments and presents on this card are from our Birthday Stamp Set. Wow! I really like the look of that combined sentiments, just by using different colored inks will bring your card to the next level! super!^_^

Can you guys recognize the chart that’s peepin’  and saying hi to you from the back?^_^ That’s from our adorable Calendar Stamp Set, as well as the “enjoy” sentiment.

Try dressing up your cards using our clear stamps and create the card that you’ve wish for! Don’t forget to share it to us, we would be happy and thrilled to see it!^_^

We have more projects to show you this whole month of April and May. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to receive email updates or simply follow our facebook page and say hi! ^_^

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!

♥ Dyane

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Project Thursday

Welcome to project thursday with Diana!^_^ Have you ever tried some days that you’re just so excited to type a post, and you just can’t wait to share the news or your creations with your crafty friends?^_^ Well, that’s me right now.{heehee} I’m telling you, I’m always looking forward everyday to share with you our designer’s project. A positive and very inspiring thing to start my day and I hope yours too!^_^ Check out what Diana made for us today. How cute is that card?^_^ It’s such a cute easter card! Loveeeeee it!  Calendar Stamp Set is just perfect whole year round, whether it’s a big or small celebration, this set will add some great details in your projects.^_^

I’ll catch you up tomorrow for another designer’s project! Have a lovely day!^_^

♥ Dyane

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Create It Wednesday

Hello and it’s create it wednesday with Andrea! Don’t you think the title makes you want to create something? I just love our new weekly series.^_^  But I think you’re going to love it more if you’ll see Andrea’s first project for us.  Yumminess cupcake!{lol} How cute is that? Lovin’ the fussy cut layers, and the muted background sentiments. It’s all from our brand new Birthday Stamp Set. Who would ever thought that the baby hearts from the brand new Calendar Stamp Set can be made into a flower topping for the cupcake! Cute, eh?^_^

This is only the beginning of our weekly project inspiration for this month. There’s more lovely projects coming, and we can’t wait to share them with you!^_^

If you have any projects using our stamps, share it to us! Feel free to upload it on our facebook page so that everyone can see your beautiful creations. Make sure to leave your blog website so that we can visit you too!^_^ How fun!

Enjoy your day!^_^

♥ Dyane

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